Free Economic Zone
Industrial Park “Valkanes”
welcomes you!
Червен Георгий - главный администратор ЗСП

We are always open to new ideas, investments and modern technologies, to exchange views and experiences.

The administration will be glad to give you any information about the activities of the free zone and the current legislation.

The administration is ready to render any assistance in the implementation of investment projects in the free zone.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation with you in an atmosphere of trust and mutual benefit.

I am sure that in our face you will find reliable partners.

Sincerely         George Cherven

Free Zone Administration “Valkanes” held a working meeting with the customs and residents.

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Administration, together with the leadership of Cahul Customs Service held a workshop with residents.
The meeting was attended by Chief Administrator FEZ “Valkanes” – Cherven D, Head of the Customs Service Cahul – Gayan B, the deputy chief of Cahul Customs Service – Botnari A, Deputy Chief of the Economic Development of Gagauzia – Todorov H, Head of the security company “DELTA FORTA” SRL – ink in, FEZ residents.
At the meeting raised issues of concern faced by residents in their work.

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Free Zone Administration “Valkanes” summed up the results of the first half 2016

The outcome of the zone of free enterprise “Valkanes” for the first half 2016 sales amounted to MDL 177.4 mln., Of which 145.5 million. Lei sales volume generated in the free zone, which is 26.8 mln. Lei more than in the first half of 2015.
The volume of investments into the free zone from the beginning of its activities, was 16 mln. US dollars. In the first six months of 2016 203 thousand. The proportion was drawn. USA.
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Guests from China

Free Enterprise Zone “Valkanes” a delegation of the Chinese Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, headed by the deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of the region Xe Ksuening.

During the visit, the delegation visited a number of enterprises on the territory of FEZ “Valkanes” and got acquainted with the activities of residents.

During the visit, he expressed interest in cooperation with the company “DK INTERTRADE” SRL – resident economic “Valkanes” zone

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The delegation of St. Petersburg

The delegation of St. Petersburg headed by the Chairman Business Development Committee and the consumer market Elgiz Kachaeva arrived in FEZ “Valkanes”. The delegation included representatives of the business environment of St. Petersburg, as well as the heads of several government agencies.

The delegation from St. Petersburg to explore the potential and investment opportunities of FEZ.

As part of the St. Petersburg delegation attended reputable investors ready to establish direct contacts with entrepreneurs of Gagauzia and residents of FEZ.


Conditions of competition in 2016

The right to be resident
Free Economic Zones
“Industrial Park” Valkanes “for 2016

1. The Administration of the Free Economic Zone
“Industrial Park” Valkanes “announces a competition among individuals and legal entities registered as a business entity in the Republic of Moldova, or assume obligations in the event of victory in the competition to register as a business entity in the Republic of Moldova on the right to register as a resident of FEZ “Valkanes.”
2. The subject of the competition is to entrepreneurship as a resident of Free Economic Zones, the following activities:
a) The industrial production of export commodities, except ethanol (ethyl alcohol – is rectified ethyl alcohol with an alcohol content of more than 80 vol.%, of ethyl alcohol content of less than 80 vol.%, technical alcohol, denatured alcohol, young and aged wine distillates and other derivatives of ethyl alcohol) and alcoholic beverages;
b) packaging, labeling, or other similar operations with goods transited through the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
c) other types of activity, such as utilities, warehousing, construction, catering and other, auxiliary and necessary for the implementation of the activities referred to in paragraphs a) and b).
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